Sustainable Change that Sticks

Design & Activate Change Initiatives That Don’t Burn Through Your Money, Time or People

A Little Wicked Thinking


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I write about big ideas such as economic inequity, concerns about AI and climate change, alongside commentary on films and streaming, Broadway musicals, comic book superheroes, Indiana Jones, Rodents of Unusual Size, murder mysteries and princesses of the Disney and pop varieties.

Why? Because pop culture can go where straight-up public affairs writing, statistics and science, can’t – by revealing truths in fun and emotionally resonating ways that get to the heart of what we value.

A Simplified Roadmap for Navigating Change

Design and activate change initiatives that put you on the path to revenue and which help and heal, rather than hinder or harm the places and people you work for, work with and work beside. That’s my definition of sustainable change.

You know why change is required and where you want to go.

I co-design strategies and operational plans with you that show how to get there.

Issues Forecasting & Analysis

Research and contextual analysis of your change initiative with an emphasis on massive economic, technological, environmental and regulatory change, and the shifting values underlying each.

Strategic Planning

Values-based strategic planning with a special emphasis on how you will execute the plan; not simply why you need to change. Knowing your ‘why’ tells you what race you’re running; understanding ‘how’ charts the path to your destination.

Project Implementation

Change is hard and it’s a path no one should walk alone. I don’t just design you a path; I’ll walk it with you, coaching and guiding you and your team in the development of your practise.

Strategic Stakeholder Relations & Facilitation

Every move you make, every step you take is your values at work. I work with you to cultivate and facilitate relationships with stakeholders and decision-makers anchored in shared values and mutually-beneficial behaviour.

360º Network Communications Assessment & Coaching

Put your values to work across all your communications channels, events and media via content that shows who you are, what you stand for, and how you anchor your work in helping to make a difference for the people and places you serve.

Investment Attraction Strategy & Proposal Design

Research and develop strategies and proposals that attract values-aligned investors and funding partners to support and scale your sustainable change initiatives.

Three Ways to Achieve Sustainable Change that Sticks

#1. Recognize Values Make the Rules.

Identify the values that drive behaviour and decision-making in your staff, stakeholders and regulators to design change initiatives driven by shared values.

#2. Focus on These Four Key Resources.

Money, people, information and ideas: strategic change initiatives require workplans that manage and scale capacity in these four areas so you and your team don’t sputter out.

#3. Dismantle Wicked Walls of Resistance.

Determine why and how Wicked Walls of Resistance are built so you can design and activate a strategic stakeholder relations workplan that builds and maintains trust across diverse groups of people and perspectives.