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Move from resistance to resolution in record time by aligning your organization’s strategies with your stakeholders’ core values.

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Get your weekly dose of wickedly thought-provoking content that aims to bring clarity to complex issues and explore the things that truly matter to us – the challenges that pull us apart and the values that will bring us back together.

The Value of Sustainable Change That Sticks.

Values aren’t just words; they’re your source of power. I’ll help you uncover the true potential of values to drive permanent shifts in your organization – so you and your organization can drive sustainable change that sticks in your world. I’ll help you create a values-based culture that fosters operational excellence, enabling seamless resource flow and impactful activities.

Discover The Wicked Power Shift

Values can be your secret weapon in driving change in your organization, your sector and your world. It’s not just about tweaking systems; it’s about harnessing the true potential of shared values to redefine the rules and break barriers to achieve change that helps and heals, rather than hinders and harms people and places,

Shift Hearts, Minds and Money

Delve deep into the heart of change. Opinions and behaviours, policies, and financial structures – I’ll help you shift them all simultaneously, ensuring that change sticks around long enough to make a difference.

Stakeholders at the Centre

I understand the ecosystem of change. From clients and partners to gatekeepers and observers, I show you and your team how to nurture relationships that fuel transformation.

Work With Me

I'll be with you every step of the way as you shift hearts, minds and money and move from resistance to resolution in record time


Book me for a lively 60 to 90-minute keynote, workshop or team retreat session to learn more about how to shift hearts, minds and money in record time in the face of massive technological, environmental, social, political, economic and regulatory change.


Ready to get moving? Great. It’s time for my Wicked Reality Check, my rapid strategy design process. In 30 days or less, we will assess your readiness, identify a shared value proposition, power up your messaging, and create your 12-month action agenda.


Let’s get ‘er done. I’ll work with you to convert your action agenda into measurable progress, guiding and training you in the Wicked Power Shift, my road-tested methodology for shifting hearts, minds and money so you can move from resistance to resolution in record time.

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A Little Wicked Thinking

My weekly reality check on where the world is going and how to make sustainable change that sticks, faster. Emailed directly to your inbox.
Want to make a better world? Tell me more.

Want to make a better world? Tell me more.

I make my living helping people make sense of complicated, complex, and often contentious stuff. Yet, of all the presentations, workshops and coaching I’ve done, one exercise stands above them all.  I call it Talking to Humans.  It’s a deceptively simple...

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Hard Truths About Digital Power

Hard Truths About Digital Power

This week I brought a knife to a gunfight. Sean Connery’s beat cop Jimmy Malone from The Untouchables was echoing in my head this week as I read through my newsfeed. In the United States, court filings in Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6-billion defamation lawsuit...

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Why Power is the Only Metric That Matters

Why Power is the Only Metric That Matters

There was a time when I could stop a conversation dead just by walking into a room.  A friend told me they used to know I was nearby when the energy in the room shifted. They’d watch cabinet ministers, political staff and lobbyists cast a glance in my direction...

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How I Put My Values to Work

In my work I apply the principles, standards and measurable indicators embedded in the global B Corporation movement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Certified B Corporation

Wicked Ideas is a certified B Corporation, companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. As a B Corp, Wicked Ideas’ work is predicated on a vision a global economy that uses business as a force for good, which requires that we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

The UN SDGs, also known as the Global Goals, are our world’s to-do list. Adopted in 2015 by the United Nations, it is a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The 17 SDGs are integrated, recognizing that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.