Put Your Values to Work

To move from resistance to resolution and speed your transition to sustainable innovation and change

Here’s the most important thing you need to know:

Values make the rules.

Values power our world.

These aren’t the aspirational values you see on T-shirts but the ones we live by every day, shaping the rules and norms within our societies and organizations.

They power our businesses, our governments, our lives.

They are everywhere – and they’re anything but soft.

Values determine what we believe, who we trust and how we think.

Values make the rules – and right now our values are shifting.


In my career, I’ve encountered a vast array of challenges and perspectives and regardless of the issue or its complexity, problem-solvers on all sides of an issue share three core reasons for why they continue to advocate for sustainable change.

1. They have a deep love for the place where they are trying to drive change.

2. They derive their inspiration, hope and perseverance from the people they serve.

3. They have an overarching need for clarity because global change is causing a lot of uncertainty in their corner of the world.

That’s people putting their values at work.

To tackle the world’s complex problems, or even just to manage organizational change effectively, we must actively engage with and apply our core values. Clarity and certainty in these times won’t emerge from the latest tech gadget but from a profound understanding and application of these values. As professionals, it’s crucial to recognize that in this dynamic landscape, our true north lies within. It’s about putting our values into action, not just in grand gestures but in everyday decisions and interactions.

I can help you, your team, and your organization navigate your way through.

Introductory Session

Learn what’s driving the Wicked Power Shift and how these larger forces are both the source of your biggest problem and also the key to solving it

Book me for a lively 60 to 90-minute keynote, workshop or team retreat session to learn more about the Wicked Power Shift, how shifting power dynamics impact your organization or issue and what you can do right now to navigate your waves of change to achieve the outcomes you need.

Create Your Action Plan

Use the Wicked Power Shift Methodology to create a 12-month strategic agenda

Apply the Wicked Power Shift to your specific problem via the Wicked Power Check, my rapid strategy design process. In 30 days or less, we will assess your readiness, identify a shared value proposition, power up your messaging, and create your 12-month action agenda.

Activate It Together

I’ll train you and your team in the Wicked Power Shift Methodology in real-time

Let’s put it all together so you can speed your organization’s mission to create a more just and sustainable world. I work with you and your team, guiding and training you in the Wicked Power Shift Methodology by working alongside you to execute your 12-month action agenda.

A lot of leaders think advocacy is about pushing for change. It isn’t.

It’s about pulling people in.

That’s how you build sustainable change that sticks.

Change that sticks the landing, sticks it to them, and sticks around long enough to scale and impact millions.

Ready to get started?

The Five Wicked Power Shift Milestones

Pick Your Spot

Identify where you want your organization to go by reframing your mission to clearly articulate who it serves, how it aligns with other issues that share similar values, and where and why it faces resistance.

Get to Know Your Place

Build and execute a strategic relationship management system that cultivates highly valuable and influential connectors that can help you achieve your mission faster by training and deploying team members to share, gather and analyze information when Talking with Humans.

Put Your Values to Work

Define your shared value proposition to articulate who you serve, how you work and how it helps others outside your network to collaborate with you to achieve shared benefits and goals.

Share Your Power

Move people to act by showing them how to step up and participate in your movement for change. This includes clear and persuasive communications across all media, including in-person events and other engagement activities.

Arrive Alive

Get to yes by negotiating a shared agreement that clearly defines shared benefits, community, network or organizational buy-in, financial clarity, an end date or measureable goal that will indicate completion, and next steps for implementation, monitoring and enforcement.

My Personal Promise to You

I will make sure you arrive alive. Period.

It is possible to change the world without depleting yours.

I know this because I’ve been you. I know what it feels like to be exhausted, stressed out and still fully committed to staying on this path of service.

Which is why, if you choose to work with me, I will help you lift yourself up so you can lift up the world.

There’s a lot of great strategic advice, process improvement and change management programs out there but they weren’t built for leaders and teams on a mission.

They were built for industrial manufacturing, technology start-ups, and companies that sell products and services.

Few if any are infused with the values and principles of fairness that drive us and our organizations forward.

That’s why we need to shift power.

That’s why you need a Wicked Power Shift.