Lisa Hrabluk

Public Speaking with Purpose.

Topic #1 – Leading with Purpose: Building a Movement for Change

The world is changing. No kidding. Disruptive innovations, protests and pushback are part of the norm in many economic sectors and around government services. As leaders you know you need to change…but change into what? And how? We are in the midst of a global shift, brought here by massive technological, economic, social and ecological change. Canada is morphing into a knowledge-based society, which will be dominated by the mobility of people, capital, ideas and information. Success will come to those leaders best equipped to mix and merge all this new information to create new products, services, processes and workflows.

Lisa connects the dots, relating global change to the local level and then guides you through her five-part Navigating Deep Change process for converting people into changemakers in order to build a movement for change in organizations, governments and communities.

This topic can be tailored to the specific interests and issues of your industry sector.

Topic #2 – Know Your Place: Defining Our Shared Purpose in an Angry Age

We are in the midst of deep, fundamental cultural and institutional change that is forcing us to confront and re-examine our core values and priorities – and those of our communities, both place-based (where we live) and interest-based (how we live). In response, we have retreated into closed communities of people – our ‘tribes’ – who share our point-of-view: global security v. national interests, open trade v. protective tariffs, low-carbon v. fossil fuels, urban v. rural, professional class v. working class, young millennials v. aging boomers. Digital media has accelerated this entrenchment, causing angry stalemates on big issues. All are evidence of local and national cultures on the move.

Lisa brings these global themes down to the local level, explaining how our shifting cultures and values shape local and regional development. She then issues a powerful call to action for people to work together to define a shared understanding to bring people back together and inspire us to collective action.

This topic can be tailored to the specific interests and issues of your industry sector.

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