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New Brunswick Underwater: The 2018 Saint John River Flood

2019 #1 Best-selling New Brunswick book

In April 2018, New Brunswick’s famous Reversing Falls simply stopped reversing as the 2018 Saint John River flood caused the worst damage on the river in more than 50 years. As its height, more than 300,000 cubic feet per second of water raced through the Mactaquac Dam just above Fredericton, 3.5 times more water than normal. When the waters finally receded two weeks later, cottages had floated away, homes and cars were underwater, and thousands of people had been displaced, their homes destroyed. New Brunswick Underwater uses words and images to follow volunteers, evacuees and first responders who raced the rising river to save their communities from this historic flood. Then it happened again in 2019. I worked on this book with my husband, photographer Michael Hawkins, and we loved hearing and telling people’s stories and offering solutions for how to build back better in the face of a changing climate.


Who Gets to Lead? Engaging with purpose in an era of deep change

Introducing the Centre for Deep Change

In October 2019 I joined with John McLaughlin, Dhirendra Shukla and Susan Montague to co-found the Centre for Deep Change, a new knowledge mobilization initiative within the J. Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management and Entrepreneurship (TME) at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Its purpose is to use various methods and activities to accelerate the the free flow of information and ideas with people actively working to create inclusive and sustainable local economies in New Brunswick and across North America. This e-book introduces the Centre, and the theories and practices at the heart of our work.

Moving Home: Community wealth-building in our global age


My second e-book for the Centre for Deep Change examines the study and practice of community wealth-building, a place-based, highly collaborative approach to economic development. Using New Brunswick as a case study, I analyze its record of innovation and wealth creation over the past 20 years and offer recommendations for how purpose-led engagement, innovation and entrepreneurship can help people and communities navigate deep change.


Community Conflict: Finding Middle Ground video series


Everyone has different opinions or information when it comes to community issues.  These issues can be divisive, often involving some degree of controversy and public discourse. I worked with Penn State Extension to create this free videos series, which offers practical strategies to facilitate and build trust in the community. Each short video focuses on individual topics important in productive community conversations.

How to be Audacious While Living on the Edge

We need to start being audacious. It’s what we’re going to need to negotiate our way through the massive social, economic, political and ecological change we are experiencing. I am particularly interested in the development of community-led solutions to complex, or wicked problems faced by cities located outside large metropolitan areas. That’s all of Atlantic Canada, the near and far north of the rest of Canada, the American mid-west and that large swath of New England that exists just beyond Boston’s pull. Why? Because these cities have different problems than large metropolises and are currently being left behind in the race to adapt to the world’s current pace of change. The people living and working in these cities want and need to participate in a conversation that recognizes their unique challenges and opportunities.