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Lisa Hrabluk

About Me

It’s 2002, and I’m sitting at my desk in a corner of the newsroom. The place smells of old ink, stale coffee and burnt microwave popcorn. I don’t want to write anything today, and that’s a problem. My job is to have an opinion, five days a week, boldly stated in 48-point type atop A2. I’d planned to write about the chronically poor test results of local students, but I find myself in a pickle: I don’t agree with anyone in this story. Each person I interviewed claims the problem lies solely with the other guy. It’s the only thing they can agree on. I’ve written this story too many times and not just about education. I’d heard the same blame game for other big issues: job losses, business uncertainty, crumbling infrastructure, urban and rural land use, anti-racism, gender discrimination, Indigenous rights, and climate change. Different issues, same cast of characters, same results: deadlock, division and distrust. There has to be a better way I thought, so I set out to find it. Over the past two decades, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, stood behind barricades and in front of boardroom tables, been put in my place and under the spotlight. I’ve created award-winning programs, wrote a best-seller, wiped some tears and shared some laughs, all in service to uncovering stories that bring a diversity of people and perspectives together to explore complicated, contentious and controversial issues, otherwise known as wicked problems.

I’ve written for a bunch of publications, been a guest speaker on radio and TV, won a few awards, and volunteer as co-lead of We The Change, the BCorp women CEO and executive leaders group. I grew up near the shores of Lake Ontario and now live 10 minutes from the ocean with my husband, daughter and our 66-pound mutt Wesley. Be forewarned if you come to visit, he’s a hugger.

how i lead

My Business Values


I approach conversations with an open mind and open heart to enable sharing & learning to occur. I am transparent in my dealings with others, and actively work to create safe and welcoming spaces for others to contribute.


I cultivate a culture of inquisitiveness, actively seeking out new ideas, perspectives and stories in order to better understand the world and identify how to solve some of its biggest challenges.


I am cognizant of and respect the perspectives of others. I work to challenge assumptions, stereotypes and prejudices in myself and in others, and to create space for a diversity of perspectives, an important step towards behaviour and culture change.

Good Humour

Sometimes the best way to keep moving is to laugh off the mistakes, detours or foibles and just keep swimming. Humour can lighten the mood and relieve tension, which we will need as we dive into deep change.


Deep change is a long game and we will each stumble, make mistakes and take a wrong turn as we work our way through issues of complexity. We need to accept that we will not travel the exact same path nor journey at the same pace on our way to achieving our shared goal.

The company I keep

My Certifications & Professional Networks

Certified B Corp

A global movement of for-profit businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social & environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Dedicated to addressing SDGs #4 Quality Education, #5 Gender Equality, #10 Reduce Inequalities, & #16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions via the SDG Manager, a U.N./BCorp joint intiative and free online tool.

Women's Leadership

My primary networks are Ellevate, the world’s largest community of women at work; SheEO, a global community of radically generous women & non-binary people; and We The Change, which is creating a radically inclusive & richly regenerative economy.

Certified Virtual Presenter

I meet eSpeakers’ verified standards for providing high-quality remote presentiations via digital platforms. eSpeakers is the place where the speaking industry does business on the web.